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Multifuel 3SP

Power Generator 2.8 kW 230 V / 50 Hz

Diesel - Heating Oil - Biodiesel - Vegetable Oil - Waste Vegetable Oil

power generator 2,8 kw multifuel

          diesel heating oil biodiesel vegoil waste vegetable oil generator

Oil crisis and power blackouts are no horror scenarios but real threats which we can experience anytime. The worldwide shortage of resources, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, hacker attacks as well as strikes, riots and civil commotions endanger more and more the supply of oil and electricity. Imagine what can happen within a few hours of a power cut.

The Multifuel 3SP emergency generator is a crisis-proof investment in the future! In case of emergency the transportable 2.8 kW genset allows to operate all important electrical equipment independent from your energy provider: communication devices (mobile phones, telephone systems, fax machines, ), computers and office equipment (printers, scanners, routers, ), central heating systems, cooling and freezer devices, home appliances, electrical tools, electric lighting everywhere electrical energy is required.

Already some bottles of vegetable oil from the next supermarket can help out, because the 1-cylinder multi-fuel engine is a true talent which accepts beside common diesel fuel also heating oil, straight vegetable oil (SVO) or waste vegetable oil (WVO)!

The soundproof generating set is delivered ready-to-operate and can be started at the push of a button. Due to low dimensions the required space is less than 0.5 sqm.

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