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Vegetable Oil Conversion Kit

Converting Diesel Engines/Vehicles to Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO/PPO/WVO) with the HeiPro 2-tank system!


  • Operation of diesel vehicles with straight vegetable oil (SVO/PPO/WVO)

  • Driving cheaper and environmentally friendly

  • Smoother motor start with two-tank system

  • Operational safety due to auto switching and diesel quick purge with reminder signal

  • TUV (German Technical Inspection Authority) approved

  • Suitable for almost all diesel vehicles and engines :
    Automobiles, SUVs, Vans, Trucks, Buses, Tractors, Tows, Agricultural Machinery, Construction Machinery, Generators, etc.

  • Possible to reuse when changing vehicles

  • Diesel operation still possible

  • Already over 8000 engines converted!

  • Proven technology - Made in Germany

Vegetable Oil-Conversion-System

We offer with our SVO / WVO conversion kit (two-tank system with fuel preheating) a well proven solution for operating diesel engines with untreated vegetable oils. In different versions available the conversion system fits for almost all diesel vehicles and engines.

The HeiPro conversion kit is available in 12 and 24 volt models and is supplied with detailed installation instructions. Following components are included in delivery:

controller (mode auto or manual switching), electric switching unit (tank switching, flush/vent) with integrated electric fuel preheater (Diesel-Therm), temperature switch (regulates the temperature), control electronics (diesel quick purge, acoustic warning), heat exchanger (fitted in water circuit), fuel lines, fuel filter, relays, pre-assembled cable loom with connectors, fuses and protective caps, miscellaneous materials, detailed installation instructions

Conversion from diesel powered engines to natural, pure vegetable oil with the HeiPro conversion system
The additional fuel tank is available in different forms and sizes (see fuel tanks) and can be mounted at any suitable place.

auxiliary tank for vegetable oil conversion

The electric switching unit is used to switch between the tanks and for flushing the fuel system. In order to protect the cold engine and the injection system, the engine starts off using diesel fuel.

As soon as the engine reaches its operating temperature, it will be switched automatically from diesel to vegetable oil. This results in a smooth transition from diesel fuel to vegetable oil.

Solenoid valve switching vegetable oil conversion kit conversion system big block
The heat exchanger (fitted in water circuit) heats in combination with the electric fuel preheater the vegetable oil to an optimum temperature. The heated fuel relieves the injection pump and is finer vaporized by the injectors. It ignites and burns more efficiently, resulting in fuel savings and less wear and tear on the engine.

heat exchanger vegetable oil conversion system

As long as the motor has its operating temperature, it can be stopped and started in vegetable mode. Only if the vehicle is going to sit for longer than 1 hour, it should be switched back over to diesel shortly before the end of the journey. In this case an automatic activated quick purge flushes the fuel system and the injection pump shortly with diesel fuel and ensures a cold start without any problems.


Toggle Switch
Position 0 Fuel supply from diesel tank
Position 1 Fuel supply from vegetable oil tank 

Sliding Switch auto / man

With the sliding switch auto / man there can be choosen between automatic (temperature-dependent) and manual switching.

LED displays
 is on, if the switching temperature is reached or the sliding switch is in mode man
 is on, if the Diesel-Therm heating element is active (only in vegetable mode). The LED can go off when the heating temperature is reached.
 is on during flushing the fuel system when switching back from vegetable oil to diesel
 is on, if the fuel tank is getting empty (reserve) – refuelling is required!

   Vegetable Oil Kit for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Busses, Construction Machines an stationary generator engines

To prevent an unintended stop in vegetable mode, a short buzzer signal reminds to switch back to diesel.

 Our Conversion Kit is usable for all kind of Applications with diesel engines. To choose the rigth conversion kit for your application, we need the operation voltage(12/24Volt), the maximum consumption of the engine per 100km or in 1 hour and the fuel line diameter.

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